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Create a web application built for cross-platform performance. Our developers lead an iterative development process, including architecture, database setup, and data flow to help you launch a web application that will stand up to the demands of your users.

Why Pi Tech?

We help you solve complicated technical challenges to bring successful tech products to market faster.

Senior talent (80%+)

Proven track record

Business focus (ex-founders)

A team with opinions

User & task oriented design

Regulated industry experts

On/nearshore team

Challenge your assumptions

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Our Focus

We combine standout engineering and business leadership with expertise in emerging tech like connected devices, IoT, blockchain, AI/ML, and data analytics to champion your bold ideas—and make them reality across industries.

Web App Development Process


Success starts by understanding what users need and what you want to deliver. As your strategic partner, we bring business and engineering expertise to the table for in-depth planning to:

Identify business goals

Understand the strategy

Define product objectives

Frontend Prototype

To design delightful digital experiences, we go beyond mockups and clickable prototypes to build the frontend along with the designs. This process results in an app you can touch and feel—right from the beginning.

Build frontend in parallel

Touch and feel the app

Validate and solicit feedback


To build real-world products that will perform, our designers ask questions and gather data on context, usage, role and more, feeding it into the frontend. Users click, scroll, and pinpoint what’s not working for richer, more actionable feedback:

Empathize with users

Iterate on wireframes

Develop high-fidelity designs

Iterative Delivery

Progress accelerates with rapid, rich feedback to refine your product and prepare it for launch:

Daily standups

Conduct manual and automated testing

Demo progress weekly

Deployment and Launch

Move toward a smooth product launch with expert support for:

User acceptance testing

Application deployment to cloud

Scalability and security, including data protection

Maintenance and Support

Ensure performance with ongoing monitoring and support:

Maintain system uptime

Upgrade, repair features

Optimize system performance

Protecting your data is our business

Regulatory Compliance

We thrive in working in regulated environments such as healthcare, telecom, fintech, and energy. Our team of engineers understand how to build compliant systems to deal with many regulations such as HIPAA, HITECH, HL7, GDPR, and KYC/AML to name a few.

Engagement Privacy

We care deeply about the privacy and security of your customers and their data. Our software is developed to comply with the most rigorous industry standards and regulations. Pi Tech ensures that the systems we build meet the regulations in the regions where you operate.


We don't just take precautions to prevent attacks, we design our platforms so they're protected from the beginning. Pi Tech is well versed in implementing security measures such as data encryption, database security, multi-factor authentication, blockchain, biometrics, digital signatures, and more.

We’re Pi Tech

Your Strategic Tech Partner from Concept to Launch